2021 New Year Update 

In the year to come, we will strive to offer the best retro romantic jewelry and accessories we can to you. 

We will be transforming into a 100% ethical and ecological brand. We are now already affiliated with ethical and a fair-traded women's handmade workshop in China and donating 1% of our website profit to World Vision Canada.

Welcome to Moi Accessories

Welcome to Moi Accessories, your secret jewelry store to keep you shiny and sparkling everyday! ✨ 

At Moi Accessories, we create and curate vintage-inspired little things in extraordinary quality at an affordable price to make you feel special and beautiful. Whether it is your special huge moments in life or your everyday daily style, you can always find Moi Accessories is here to make you sparkle and create shiny memories. We design jewelry in stud earrings, drop earrings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces in gold vermeil and sterling silver. All of our jewelry is skin friendly, hypoallergenic, and nickel free. We also carry little goodies such as wool blend socks, velvet lipstick cases, hair ties and accessories. All of our little sparkling things are dainty, versatile, easy-to-wear, retro, and affordable!

Our Jewelry

Our selection of jewelry includes some carefully curated pieces and some exclusive styles designed here at our Toronto studio. With your support, we are looking forward to design more pieces because we really want to have the control in materials and quality in each piece that is going to you. Most of our designs are crafted in gold vermeil, sterling silver, natural freshwater pearls. With larger statement pieces, they are made of 14k gold-plated and high-quality simulated pearl (made with real, quality pearl crumbs to create and maintain the natural pearl hues.)

Our Goals

Moi Accessories started with a disappointed in the current jewelry market where there is no real high-quality vintage style earrings and necklaces with real affordable prices. With the passion in sparkling things and pearls, and the faith to offer long-lasting daily retro pieces, we started Moi Accessories.

Our Thanks to You

As a completely women-founded and operated small business in Canada, we value and thank your support wholeheartedly. Each order that you place means a world to us and help us to keep going.

We are always here to help you with your style, packing and shipping questions. Anything that concerns you, we are here to help, discuss and do our best so you could wear our jewelry with a sparkling and happy smile. Please use the chat box on your screen or leave us a note at info@moiaccessories.com.