My Top 3 Reasons to be an Entrepreneur

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Recently I've taken some courses on business, and one of the most inspiring teachers that I encountered is Simon Sinek (If you don't know him, here's the time to know this guy!)

And he asks everyone, yes, everyone on this planet earth:

What do you believe in? What is your "why"? 

There're times that we decide not to think about any meaning in life, and there're times that we start to think about meanings in life. This pandemic has changed our lives tremendously and I know, you must be thinking now and then about the meaning of your life.

During my second pregnancy, I felt a lack of focus in my life. And as browsing through the internet world, I found the gap in jewelry industry: there weren’t any good quality romantic jewelry online! 

I started to do research, but, oh little did I know, I knew nothing about E-commerce nor business. (I’m a Humanity student by blood.)

But I started anyway, because I know that Everything is Figureoutable (yes, I’m using the idea from my beloved bestselling author by Marie Forleo).

So I figured it out.

Setting out the website, resourcing my products, designing my packagings, figure out shippings, laws, hardwares, softwares, photoshoots, social medias, marketing, and customer service. All by myself.

I’m still on this journey and it’s still far from what I’m foreseeing Moi Accessories should become.

But we are all becoming, we’re always on the round to where we hope we are going, aren’t we?

Along this journey, my inner Why became clearer and clearer: 

1/. I want to provide high-quality jewelry and accessories so every woman sparkles.

2/. I want to offer these dainty sparkling jewelry and accessories at a very fair price. 

3/. And I want to make an impact in our world.

(If you ever buy from me, you know it’s true! 🙌 )

As a small business owner, I try my best to give my customers the best service with all my heart, because I believe in human connection, honesty, and mutual love.

(And if you ever buy from me, you know this is true TOO! )

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. Being a solo-preneur is definitely lonely and scary. I can only try to decide what's best for my store at that point, and when things are not right, I can't leave it there. You gotta fix it.

Entrepreneurship is a continuous training. It's never BOOM and you get success. Even you have a million-dollar business running, each day there'll be challenges.

As I make little baby steps along the way, YOUR wishes and desires are the most valuable assets to me. I started to include more and more kinds of products in my store, trying to provide more options for you.

As we are finally seeing the light of this pandemic ending, there are parts of the world that still suffer.

So I start to support Fariha, a Bangladesh 4-year-old girl, through our store, with all your help! 🤝  I'm hoping that this little aid to Fariha, could help her and her family to have access to clean water, education, food, and, most importantly, the courage to dream.

I believe in peace and humanity, I believe in sparkling jewelry can bring hope and light to us.

With love,

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