8 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love on Valentine's Day

8 tips on self-love and self-care

Self-love is a mindset, a process, and a belief. 

A mindset that we shift from our reckless searching to be loved by someone else, to confidently self-love, self-respect, and self-care. Self-love is a mindset that we are born with the ability to love ourselves, to feel good about ourselves.

Self-love is a process that we practice to slowly bring the focus back to ourselves, a series of actions we determine to take to maintain our love to ourselves. It is a process to appreciate what is already surrounding us, a grateful way to review our lives. 

Self-love is, finally, a belief that everyone in this world should believe in. It is a belief that we are worthy, no matter what people say; we are valued, based on our own ability, not by anything else; and we are loved, whether or not we have a lover now or in the future.

Now, take a deep breath, and start to love yourself.

tips to self-love and self-care


Here are Eight Ways to Celebrate Self-Love, even on a Valentine’s Day.

1/. Have some sparkling juice. You know what I am talking about (wink wink)! 

Find a good time in the day that you could be alone. Sit down with some food, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine or your comfort drink, and enjoy every sip of it. Breath.

2/. Binge-watch your favourite TV drama over the weekend. 

Sometimes we just need to ease up with our schedule and allow ourselves to be occupied by someone else’s stories and leave our own life for a little bit.

3/. Quality self pamper. I.e. a hot bath, a facial mask, or a head-to-toe good scrub. 

I know we cannot head to spas, manicure, and even hairdresser as we much as we love to be. But a really nice night with scented candles, bubble bath, and facial masks would still do the trick to let the tension of our body goes away and bring us into a good night sleep.

4/. Painting/ Coloring/ Jigsawing/ Calligraphing/ Knitting, etc. 

Do things with your hands. Put down your digital devices. Create something. Creativity takes us out of our own little world and opens up a new possibility to embrace a new universe.

5/. Yoga to stretch your body or cardio to get your heart rate up. 

Again, body tension. You need to let go of your body tension as soon as possible. Exercising is a scientifically proven way to help us to bring back happiness and health. Move your body and love your body.

6/. Listening to your favourite music or podcasts. 

Put on your favourite music in the background or your newly discovered podcast while doing household chores. Listening to music, or podcast, or ebooks allow you to feel the time is more meaningful than just household labor.

7/. Read a book on self-development or simply your favourite novel.

Sit down and read a physical book. No, really, put down your cellphone and read from a real book made of paper. Smell the book, feel the touch of the paper. Read words from it. Jot down your thought on it. Re-connect with a book.

8/. Gift Yourself for being such a success at Self-Loving! 

Oftentimes we feel obliged to give out gifts. But so seldom that we decide it is a good time to gift ourselves. Stop waiting and hinting people around you give you the gifts that you might not love. Get yourself with gifts like beautiful jewelry, cozy socks, or sparkling necklace.

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And make sure you are confident, shiny, and sparkling not because someone else. But because of yourself.

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