3 Things You Need to Know About This Child Sponsorship

3 Things You Need to know about this child sponsorship

When it comes to charity and helping the world, I am always conscious and certain that I want to help children. Underprivileged girls, to be exact. 

Recently, I teamed up with World Vision Canada, and my store, Moi Accessories, starts to sponsor a little girl, Fariha, on a monthly basis.

Let me explain a little about why did I choose World Vision Canada and why Fariha, this girl in particular. 

1/. As a Girl, I Grew Up with Privileges

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I was born in a middle-class family with educated parents in Taiwan. My childhood was mediocre yet full of books and goodies that a girl could ask for. Yet my pink bubble was popped when my family moved to mainland China and I visited a school in a rural area.

Can you imagine when my school (not a fancy one even) had computer labs and pianos in separate rooms so we could book to practice, I saw this school, hours away from my own, hidden between mountains, had cows in their front yard, and had no washrooms at all.

Later, when I went to university in Beijing, I participated in teaching in rural Beijing, helping children from outside of the city, whose parents are usually immigrant workers, doing the hardest and lowest-paid jobs in the city.

I saw girls were taken away from school because their families couldn't afford it. I saw girls went into factories, hair salons, or prostitution because her family needs that money. I saw girls trashed their dreams because they couldn't afford to have a dream. 

It's sad and aches my heart to say, but in most Asian cultures, when it comes to giving up someone's rights, opportunities and hopes, it's often the girls in the family. 

It became an unbearable truth that I could not face. Yet not one day, had I forgotten these girls and the way they looked at me.

2/. As a Mother, I Want Education for Every Child.

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With two boys of my own, I sincerely feel the deepest hope a mother could have: the freedom to choose, the faith to believe, and the mindset to do.

I know deeply how education could change lives, how education could broaden views, and how education could help to achieve goals.

Yet there are too many girls without such a choice. The right to education is never given to them.

And it grabs me so much that helping girls to be able to have the access to school haunted me.

Fariha is now 4-year-old, the same age as my elder son. While we are preparing for my son's kindergarten, Fariha is struggling with education, clean water, and risks going into child labor when she’s old enough.

I chose her because she’s beautiful and because I want to help her to be able to go to school. I want her to have the power to dream, to have the ability to chase after this dream, and the money that she can do so.

3/. As a Woman Entrepreneur, I Want to Give Back.

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I founded Moi Accessories with several goals in mind. I want to create something shiny, affordable, and ethical. 

My dream was to have a delicate and vintage vibe store that offers products in high-quality and makes you look sophisticated. I want the making process to be a woman-friendly environment, which I did, and also the money that I make to give back to our community.

As a first-world consumer, YOU can help to make a change today.

Be conscious of what you buy. Is it environment-friendly? Does its making process clean to the earth and ethical? Is this brand giving back and supporting a mission?

Moi Accessories is a conscious brand in every aspect. Our products come from a women-run hand-making workshop and the store is sponsoring a little girl to go to school in Bangladesh.

I believe you have to be the change you want to see. And I have faith that every one of us can be that change.

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