2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Women

We’ve all been through an unusual, tough year in 2020. And we’ve waited too long for this Holiday season that we could reflect, remember and celebrate -- even with some physical distances in between. We want to take a grateful moment and get some gifts for all of our family and friends on our list. Here’s your ultimate complete gift guide this Holiday for her on a budge. We’ve got everything you need to sparkle, except the markups. 

holiday socks box

  1. Holiday Socks Box $45

With three pairs of wool crew socks in the pattern of a vintage pine tree, this cozy and warm socks gift box is the best heartwarming holiday present to someone you love and cherish.

In the color of burgundy, mustard, and navy blue, we chose these three vintage colors so they are perfect for her jeans, leggings, boots, and PJs.

The cottage-style socks will give you the softest touch on the feet whilst keep you warm as she sips from a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace and Christmas tree in a quiet and peaceful cottage.

There's a range of warm colors that you can wear all winter. On this holiday, keep warm and vintage on.

Shop Holiday Socks Box

winter box

  1. Winter Box $60

She won’t believe how much is the winter box when she sees what’s inside. The deal is simply amazing to include so many vintage-inspired sparkling little things for just C$60. The value of the entire box is $140. This is the best value of the gift box that has all the little things that will make you sparkle from head to toe.

Keep Sparkling, and Vintage On.

Shop Winter Box 2020

angel wings gift set

  1. Angel Wings Gift Set $30

She can go ahead and put on her winter sweater with these two dainty and shiny jewelry. This gift set is surprisingly sparkling and go with any outfit. Look at her, she’s shiny.

Shop Angel Wings Gift Set

chunkier gift set

  1. Chunkier Gift Set $40

Add this bold, gold and chunky statement jewelry set to her collection. With natural freshwater pearls, each of the bracelet is one-of-a-kind. Let her know she’s unique, she’s different, and she’s daring.

Shop Chunkier Gift Set

dainty gift set

  1. Dainty Gift Set $30

If you are not sure what is her jewelry style, this Dainty Gift Set will not go wrong. With dainty pave pearl stud earrings and classic golden hoop earrings, this gift set can be easily worn by anyone at any occasion. The best part: they look even prettier when stack together!

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ruth drop earrings

  1. Ruth Drop Earrings $60

She can be the most lady-like gal in the room by simply wear this pair of drop earrings. The timeless teardrop-shape, 14k gold-filled earrings is inspired by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, continuing her legacy in uprightness in gender and social justice, strength between excel in work and family, and her faith in self-improvement in emotional training.

Shop Ruth Drop Earrings

moon necklace

  1. Upon the Moon Necklace $38

If she’s obsessed with celestial, she will love this piece of gold-vermeil jewelry. Just gift her with this stunning and shiny necklace and watch her shine just as shiny she is.

Shop Upon the Moon Necklace

pearl hoop earrings

  1. Ladybug Pearl Hoop Earrings $34

This pearl hoops produces fun and delicate hues all at the same time. The half-opening design is just like the wings of a ladybug, and the pearl texture make this piece of jewelry sophisticated. Don’t forget to let her know that this pair of hoop earrings is very unique and she can hardly found another piece alike on the market.

Shop Ladybug Pearl Hoop Earrings

twisted ring

  1. Twisted Square Ring $42

When she’s a vintage soul and longs for vintage-inspired jewelry, this gold vermeil ring is just for her. No need to worry about the ring size whatsoever, this simple and elegant ring is made with an open end. The ring is designed to fit any finger and made to easily switch between fingers according to her stacking mood.

Shop Twisted Square Ring

moon bracelet

  1. Rose Gold Moon Bracelet $ 35

This dainty sparkling bracelet could be the most beautiful gift for your baby sister or daughter. Each time she wears this rose gold shiny bracelet around her wrist, she’ll feel your love from the moon and back. This bracelet is also available on Amazon.ca -- it would be your best option if you are in a rush.

Shop Rose Gold Moon Bracelet

velvet gift case

It will be a great idea to add-on a velvet gift case for $15 if you want to impress her with a ring, necklace, or bracelet. Ring and pendant options available. If you purchase over C$100, you will get BOTH cases.

Shop Velvet Gift Case

holiday card

* If you purchase any of the gift set or box, you will get a free illustrated holiday card that we could hand write for you. The free note card only applies to our website purchases. Any purchase made on amazon.com or amazon.ca will not have the card.


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