moi belief


despite our long-last love for the sun, from time to time, shadows and darkness would come upon our lives (just like this year, 2020, is unfortunate and sad for many people around the world.

yet we still hold this strong belief of keep shinning, especially in the events that would bring us to the bottom of our lives, to the moments of distress, even to the time when we almost lose the strength to wake up.

we still need to believe. that just a little above this shadow is brightness, just a little more time then we can embrace sunshine.

we not only believe in that we should put each little things that sparkle on ourselves. we believe that after this moment of darkness, there's always light. 

little things that sparkle are the best things we can believe and behold.

grey glitter

a box of sparkling little things


gift for her


$30 $52

this shiny and dainty gift box is created and curated to make an easier option for gifting - birthday, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, holidays. in any occasion, moi gift set provides high-quality and stunning pieces of jewelry to express your feeling and affections.

NOTE: handwritten card is available upon request for FREE.

what is in the box: 

  • charlotte hoops, org. $27, 14k gold-plated, cubic zirconia
  • arya pearl studs, org. $25, 14k gold-plated, sterling silver post
  • original total price: $52
  • both pieces of jewelry are placed on our brand earring cards, tucking in separate brand canvas string bags

moi accessories

our goal

we belief that every single soul is worth of some little things that sparkle, that would bring joy to them and make the day for anyone around them.

jewelry, and other sparkling little things alike, are to be worn and used on a daily basis. you should sparkle every moment in your life . nothing should be comprised - not your hair ties, not your socks, and definitely not your earrings and necklaces.

dressing up yourself in the way you admire and feeling confident about is the best feeling in the world. every details of you tells your story, your statement and your attitude. it's the lifestyle that you are looking for, so don't be afraid to become the image that has been on your mind for so long -- be the image today.

moi accessories is a toronto-based small business. we are proudly Canadian and proudly women owned and operated. as part of the minority community in north america, we are dedicated to take actions in social issues and gender equality. we are also supporting children around the world that are deeply in need of fresh water, education and girls' rights. we hope to pass on our values through every little pieces that we create and curate. 

it's a pleasure to see you here.